quinta-feira, 17 de outubro de 2013

Orange is the new black

Healey: Chapman?

Piper: Mr. Healey!

Healey: How are you?

Piper: I'm in a cement box and people are screaming.

Healey: You've needed a little time out to think about your behavior.

Piper: My what? I was dancing.

Healey: Provocatively. Sexually. Gay sexually!!

Piper: This is ilegal. You can't keep me in here.

Healey: So, there is where you're wrong. Chapman, I'd tried to be nice to you because I understand where you come from.

Piper: You don't know me.

Healey: I thought we could be friends. You're not yourself lately. You're acting odd.

Piper: So, you're teaching me a lesson?

Healey: You should be thanking me. Alex Vause is sick!! I get you!! You are not like her!

Piper: The only sicko here is you. And in under different circumstances, what? I'd be your girlfriend? Is that it? Did I make you jealous? You put me in this hell hole for no reason. Wake up, Healey! Girls like me? We don't fuck ignorants pretensious old man with weird lesbians obsessions. We'll go for tall, hot girls. And we fucking love it! So that leaves you on the outside, living your sad, sad, little life. You don't get me!! Ever!! So go fuck yourself!!

Episódio 9: "Fucksgiving"

5 comentários:

Marcos Satoru Kawanami disse...


Very strange dialogue. I don't have payed television, so many themes i read about in the Internet seam strange for me. People i talk to also watch only open TV. I usely say: i woudn't watch payed TV even if i were payed or it. ;)

kind regards

Antônio LaCarne disse...

Larissa, que incrível! Postagem mais cool e legal de hoje que li.

Fucksgiving is fucksgiving. :)

Laura Santos disse...

Este diálogo é totalmente novo e interessante para mim!
I wonder if I've been losing something...;-)

Anna Flávia disse...

A série é muito boa! Piper arrasou nessa hora. :)

Esperando pela segunda temporada.


Bandys disse...

Muito bom.

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